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Happiest Compeition on Earth

Hello everyone- Zelina here!

If you kept up with the  d_princess podcast, you noticed on the last episode that we had a portion of our discussion on a competition that I co-judge- The Happiest Competition on Earth. And its been requested I posted so information about. So, what I am going to do, is post a majority of the audition, with modifications (since they ended). (And I'm reposting this in my LJ)

Now, some of you might be asking… “What is Happiest Competition on Earth?” (HCoE for short) Simple! It’s the weekly singing competition that revolves completely around Disney related songs. This is season 2 which means there was a season 1. You can find it all archived here, if you would like to look it up.

Contestants will be faced with a weekly singing challenge themed around Disney music. The themes this season are going to have our singers tackling songs that range from the classics to the songs of today and everything in between. There will also be optional opportunities to enter immunity challenges to secure their place in the show for another week (called fastpasses this season).

The same judges will be returning from season one: Jefferz, Amby Leigh, and myself. Each of us have our specialties when it comes to certain Disney ages. Classical/Golden-Age (including live-action) is mine, Renaissance & Park is Amby, and Jefferz is our pop-prince, who is Contemporary, and pretty good with the stuff of Disney (of now. Amby and I are also both with TV & Stage shows. And we all love getting really rare or obscure song choices. As you listen to the episode, you can figure out which songs tend to be done more quite easily. Guessing songs is super fun.

For auditions, we gave singers up to three chances to audition and make the show. That means that if you don’t make it into the show on your first try, you’d have two more chances to submit. Once auditions close, those who made it onto the main show will be asked to complete the weekly Disney based challenges. This season, we will run 12-14 weeks with due dates on Sunday and Monday nights (unless noted in an email).

Now there were a few things we ask for an audition.
1) People were allowed to sing ANY Disney song. It could be from an animated movie, Broadway show, park music, television series, etc. just as long as it’s somehow Disney related.

2) Format: Auditions had to be between about 45 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds. The auditions had to be acapella. NO music, sound effects, or mixing of any kind. Just plain vocals. We wanted to hear people as clearly as possible In the actual show, full length songs will be required, with mixing allowed. MP3 only.

This season we have a variety of new challenges, almost all new from last year’s. So if you wish to follow this season, and on behalf of the other 3 judges, we hope you do, and enjoy the incredible line-up we have this season! You can listen to the episodes as they come out here. If we’re lucky enough to think of more challenges, way maybe able to stretch to a season 3 (but we don’t see this going past 2 at this point).

If you have any questions, comments, or anything, just email us, and they can either be forwarded to me, or I may eventually post an email! Thanks for reading through all this, and I hope you not only keep listening to the podcast (email us questions and stuff!), but also to the show as well.

The Podcast's Tumblr: http://dprincesspodcast.tumblr.com/

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