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Its New Years...yeah?

Okay, so let me just say, I don't believe in New Years resolutions because 90% they are never done, from my experiences. Now, if you word it as goals, then Im not as skeptical.
That aside, I don't seem to really post on my LJ since I'm more active with people via forums and Skype. But I can detail some updates since my last post! (Ouch, Nov!)

-My Soundtrack singing competition will be starting soon. Just need to finalize the last judge, and figure out the official challenges. I have soo many ideas it hurts my head to split them up. Again, this is a SOUNDTRACK-themed competition that will be open to anyone. Disney/Animated films, TV, Games, Anime, Live action Films- well you get the idea. So yeah. SUPER SUPER excited for it. I hope people audition when I post the information!

-Best of the Rest Season 2 is starting up, and is currently holding auditions! The main goal of this show is improvement.

This season, it's a battle between Team STAR (Rachellular, Valkyrie Celes, & Princess Garnet) &  Team HCoE (Jefferz, Amby Leigh, and me- Zelina!)

Eligibility: Last season a few people were turned away for being too good, this season that will not happen. If you are really looking to improve PLEASE feel free to audition!

Coaches Notes: Coaches notes will be sent with contestants final submissions so the judges know what you worked on week to week!

So are you wanting to a part of this epic face-off?!

Send any pre-recorded or newly recorded song (Mp3 format) to rachellular@gmail.com! It can have a backtrack or be a cappella.

We will be accepting 16 people, 8 for each team! and we won't accept more than 20 auditions! SO get your auditions in. The last day to send auditions in will be January 18th, HOWEVER, auditions will close early if we get enough, so send in fast! Also feel free to include a blurb about what you wanna work on!

And last but not least- my radio station, Zelina's Mixed Bag of Showtunes & More, is still going strong! I'd like to thank my listeners for tuning in, and an extra thanks who voice their opinions in the polls. I'm always uploading new stuff from all my vinyls & CDs- so yeah! If you haven't give it a listen! Here's the player to give it a sample if you like!

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