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The Galaxy Institute: A Tumblr RP

So my friend Omii is starting this fabulous RP on Tumblr, and we still have a lot of cannon characters. Well, what is it? Here is his introduction post...

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

Get that out of your head right now. You are now stepping into unknown territory. Unknown to the average human eye. Let us travel you on a journey into the vast depths of space where we will show you wonders. Hello, my name is Rowen Rovello but you make call me Rovello. I am the head of The Galaxy Institute, an institute of none you have ever seen before.

Become acquainted with the ones living in each of our 10 houses, from Mercury to Pluto, even the Asteroid Belt. Be amazed by the things you will learn here. I guarantee that you will have the time of your life. Duty calls. Until we meet again…

Isn't that something you wanna join? Well, you can join as pre-made characters (cannon), or make an original one (like me).

Each house, based on a planet or asteroid belt, each has a unique "ability" to them, and also personalities. A bit Harry Potter w/ Hogwarts, if that helps. For example, my character,
Aisling Daugherty, is  part of Venus House, who's elemental specialties are "nature", and their are "The quiet motherly group of the school. Three words to describe them are Soft Spoken, Quiet, and Virginal.

What I peronally find intresting is that 1) You can claim a face for your character, and 2) Its a tumblr RP, which is something totally new to me. I highly recommend checking it out if your interested!


I will note that the RP is starting, with many cannon characters still available to choose from, and I don't recommend it for the.. pure-er of minds since there may be some older audience stuff.



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