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NA TokyoPop Closing?

[Reposting from a reply of mine in the theSlayers community discussion]

Can't say I'm happy for this news. Yes, Tokyopop has had its ups & downs since they started, but they did give us some good titles along the way. Heck, around 1/3 of my collection is TP. Yes, they were hogs for the manga shelves at book stores, but again.. we had shelves, and plenty of them! Were they the best? No, and I can say that I agree that they went overboard with the amount of titles they acquired, and the inconsistent quality and releases (or lack of for this).

As fellow manga-readers, we hope that certain series picked up by other companies, and leave the duds behind. I'm ganna have a hella time trying to get the remaining volumes I need for my series. As if trying to get Sailor Moon wasn't hard enough as it is...

Some series I have from TokyoPop (all sadly incomplete)
Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters)
Slayers Novel
Keroro Gunso (SGT Frog)
Fruit Baskets
Zodiac PI
GateKeepers (Did they ever finish these?)
Sailor Moon
Cardcaptor Sakura
Shaloin Sisters (Most complete w/ only 3 volumes)
Vampire Game (Most complete w/ only 3 volumes)

I know I have the oddest choices for the most complete series, but I will say this... I adore Vampire Game more than SSisters. I loved it since high school, and before the plague of everything Vampires and pre-Twicrap. SSister is my attempt to complete a collection, since the series isn't as long as all the others. Fruit Baskets is my newest addition, but its ganna be real hard for me to get those. Hell... I also remembered the art style changed, making the characters hard to figure out. But I love the story/crazyness of it.

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